About Us

Since JM Operations’ establishment in 1986, the company has grown to now include JM Vending Services, JM Catering Services and Discount Depot Cash and Carry. The JM Operations business philosophy is to excel in every aspect by fulfilling clients' visions, exceeding their expectations with attention to detail, outstanding value and uncompromising quality. JM Operations communicates its values with energy and passion, ensuring that its style is always fresh and appealing.

JM Catering has provided professional catering for schools, colleges, language schools and factory canteens, while setting and continuously improving market standards. 


In addition to catering, JM Operations is also the manufacturer and distributor of Petrus pizza products. Distributed all over Malta, Petrus pizzas are available with a variety of different toppings. The products’ homemade feel has made it very successful locally, garnering praise for its authentic taste and ingredients.


JM Vending Services is acclaimed for offering unrivalled services, which are backed by a wealth of expertise and a highly skilled workforce. One of the key objectives is to offer customers a complete range of products and services spanning all aspects of vending. Full service vending across all product ranges is available. This includes regular replenishment of the machines and periodical maintenance and servicing required to maintain quality standards, working order and cleanliness. All this is backed up by 24/7 technical support.

Customer demands are a driving force and continuous innovation the Company’s aim. JM Vending has one simple objective, which is to achieve a first class status, both in terms of competitiveness and consumer satisfaction. Providing customers with the highest standards and the latest in convenience, freshness, taste and quality is the ultimate objective.

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